Water Damage Photo Gallery

Water Damage in Edmonds Bathroom

A homeowner in Edmonds, WA called our SERVPRO of Edmonds team after they noticed tile on their bathroom floor separating and cracking. It appeared the subfloor was soft to touch and had sustained water damage. We completed a full inspection of the crawlspace and bathroom and found a leak from the shower pan visible in this photograph with our thermal camera. We successfully dried the floor and replaced wet insulation so that the homeowner was worry free.

Water Damage and Microbial Growth in Crawl Space

This Seattle home was affected by a broken pipe in the crawlspace which created significant visible microbial growth. Our team tackled the problem with proper protective wear and remediated the damage by removing mold, wet insulation, drying the structure and replacing the vapor barrier.

Water Damage in Commercial Strip Mall

This vacant commercial strip mall suffered water damage after a pipe burst in the wall during cold weather. The room had standing water and required immediate extraction. Our team responded quickly and began the drying process.

Packing and Moving Services

Our team packed out a large home that was affected by water damage. All contents were cataloged and taken to our warehouse to be dried, processed and stored until the homeowner was finished with restoration and repairs.

Water Damage in Lynnwood Home

This Lynnwood home had severe water damage that flooded the entire second and main floor of the home. We utilized our desiccant to dry the structure as there was over 2,000 square feet of affected area.

Sewage Water Backup

This home had a backup of sewage water that caused extensive damage. The contaminated materials such as flooring and carpet were removed and excess moisture was dried. Our team worked diligently and quickly to restore the bathroom to normal conditions so that the family could return to their everyday lives.