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Decontamination Services

SERVPRO of Edmonds Disinfects COVID-19

Viral pathogens such as COVID-19 can pose serious health risks and confirmed cases should be disinfected using the proper protocols mandated by the CDC. In an effort to keep our community safe SERVPRO of Edmonds performed cleaning for many local facilities. 

Bio-hazard Cleaning Services

Our Bio-hazard Cleaning Team Protects the Community

During the 2020 COVID-19 viral outbreak SERVPRO of Edmonds serviced many facilities for decontamination of confirmed cases. Our team is proud to help support a safe and healthy environment for the community we live in. 

Equipment Capacity

Choose SERVPRO of Edmonds for Your Large Loss

SERVPRO of Edmonds has a huge inventory of equipment to service any size of job; even large loss. We specialize in commercial restoration and have the expertise, work force and supplies to complete multi-floor and multi-unit losses. 

Storm Damage Response: Falling Trees

Team Responds to Fallen Tree Damage During Storm

SERVPRO of Edmonds certified technicians responded to an emergency call due to wind storm damage. A tree had fallen through the roof of a home, causing damage in several places including the ceiling pictured here. We were able to tarp the roof and prevent any further rain water intrusion, then proceed with restoration services. 

Exclusive Member of The Disaster Recovery Team

SERVPRO of Edmonds is part of an exclusive group designated by our corporate company; The Disaster Recovery Team. We are a select group of offices from our local region that specialize in large loss. No job is too big or too small for our trusted team; commercial buildings, hospitals, hotels and schools are just a few from the list of many we specialize in.

Storm Flooding

SERVPRO Crew Extracts Water From Flooded Basement

SERVPRO of Edmonds technicians responded to a flooded basement due to heavy rainfall and exterior water intrusion. They extracted standing water and removed saturated carpet and pad, then proceeded with drying the structure. 

Our Annual Convention and Continued Education

Each year our SERVPRO of Edmonds team travels to the SERVPRO national convention in order to learn what is up and coming in our industry. The week long event includes interactive workshops, featured speakers and presentations from our vendors. We enjoy being on the forefront of our industry and educating our team with the latest knowledge available.

SERVPRO of Edmonds is Invested in the Community

The SERVPRO of Edmonds team participates in the annual 4th of July parade organized by our local chamber. We are thrilled to be a part of this event that benefits the community in many ways. Watch for us every year on our giant green float and remember to practice firework safety protocols.  

SERVPRO of Edmonds Exhibits at the Annual WSCAI Tradeshow

SERVPRO of Edmonds joined forces with the LLRT teams in the Washington State region to exhibit at the Annual CA Day Tradeshow. We are proud to come together and show our strength in numbers whether we are teaming up on a project or promoting our SERVPRO brand.

Signs of Mold Presence

Microbial growth can be deceiving especially when it is not immediately visible. Oftentimes mold can hide within wall cavities or beneath cabinets as seen in this situation. You may have mold if you smell an odor, have experienced water leaks, past flooding or condensation. Call the professionals at SERVPRO of Edmonds if you believe you may be experiencing mold in your home or business.

Highly Trained and Professional Staff

At SERVPRO of Edmonds our staff is trained and certified to handle any size of loss from residential to commercial structures. Our team is part of SERVPRO's elite LLRT (Large Loss Response Team) and we attend annual trainings around the country to assure we have the latest and greatest education in this field.  

How to Handle Wet Insulation

There are several different types of insulation; spray foam, fiberglass, cellulose, cotton and foam board. Some insulations absorb and react to moisture differently. Regardless of insulation type if you think you may have moisture in your insulation call our team at SERVPRO of Edmonds, 425-775-5723, to come and perform an inspection and check for any water damage.

Mold Testing

Mold is a type of fungus that grows in moist environments and reproduces by microscopic seeds called spores. It’s very important to learn how to find, test for, and treat mold to prevent any health risks. At SERVPRO of Edmonds our technicians use swab tests to check for presence of microbial issues. If you think you may have mold call our team at 425-775-5723 or refer to our web page on understanding mold at;

Crawlspace Sewage Damage

Sewage damage can contain high amounts of harmful bacteria and there are serious health risks associated with it.  It’s crucial you do not try to clean up a mess from broken pipes that are connected to a sewage line. As you can see in this photograph a sewage pipe became disconnected and proceeded to fill the crawlspace with waste until the owner noticed an unpleasant smell. SERVPRO of Edmonds was quick to respond and begin the decontamination process.

Crawlspace Storm Damage

While often overlooked, crawlspaces are a vulnerable area of your home as they are more exposed to the elements. Implementing proper protection in your crawlspace such as insulation and waterproofing can save you time and money in the future. This crawlspace was flooded during a storm and SERVPRO of Edmonds came to the rescue to extract and dry the space.

Proper Containment

Containment is the act of containing or preventing toxins from potentially becoming airborne. In the restoration industry the proper protocol is to contain, remediate and then restore. The value of using containment means a lessened health consequence, a shorter job process and less property damage.

Water Damage in Edmonds Bathroom

A homeowner in Edmonds, WA called our SERVPRO of Edmonds team after they noticed tile on their bathroom floor separating and cracking. It appeared the subfloor was soft to touch and had sustained water damage. We completed a full inspection of the crawlspace and bathroom and found a leak from the shower pan visible in this photograph with our thermal camera. We successfully dried the floor and replaced wet insulation so that the homeowner was worry free.

Storm Waters Flood Basement

This Mountlake Terrace basement flooded due to a severe rainstorm that caused excessive groundwater. Groundwater can carry unknown contaminants that can travel with the rain water that passes through the soil and pickup potential pesticides which become deposited in the home. We worked quickly to extract the standing water, decontaminate and begin drying the structure and contents.

Water Damage and Microbial Growth in Crawl Space

This Seattle home was affected by a broken pipe in the crawlspace which created significant visible microbial growth. Our team tackled the problem with proper protective wear and remediated the damage by removing mold, wet insulation, drying the structure and replacing the vapor barrier.

Kitchen Fire

This kitchen fire was the result of a microwave that malfunctioned and caused extensive soot and smoke damage throughout the home. The kitchen was nearly unrecognizable upon arrival with heavy residue on walls, ceilings and all household surfaces.

Condominium Fire

This condominium had a fire that started in the kitchen and spread soot and smoke throughout the unit quickly. The property management company asked us to respond and we worked closely with the insurance company to salvage and clean many of the household items.

Water Damage in Commercial Strip Mall

This vacant commercial strip mall suffered water damage after a pipe burst in the wall during cold weather. The room had standing water and required immediate extraction. Our team responded quickly and began the drying process.

Residential Storm Damage

This Bellevue home was damaged during a storm and required an emergency board-up and cleaning for the floor to ceiling windows that had broken in the living room. We securely packed and moved contents of the home so that the owners could move out while repairs were made.

Microbial Growth on Carpet

This carpet shows visible signs of microbial growth due to a water leak that went undetected. In this situation the carpet was disposed of and our team treated the area with an anti-microbial serum.

Apartment Fire

This Bothell apartment fire took place after food was left unattended on the stove. Our team worked diligently to clean the structure and pack out affected contents that could be salvaged and cleaned.

Church Fire

This devastating church fire in Mount Vernon required many hours of hard work from our team members. SERVPRO was able to salvage many items that were soot and smoke damaged. After several weeks of cleaning and repairs the church was fully functional.

Packing and Moving Services

Our team packed out a large home that was affected by water damage. All contents were cataloged and taken to our warehouse to be dried, processed and stored until the homeowner was finished with restoration and repairs.

Water Damage in Lynnwood Home

This Lynnwood home had severe water damage that flooded the entire second and main floor of the home. We utilized our desiccant to dry the structure as there was over 2,000 square feet of affected area.

Commercial Water Loss

This commercial building suffered a large water loss due to a broken pipe during construction. Our team arrive onsite just 30 minutes after the first phone call and began extraction services immediately.

Commercial Fire Loss

This church suffered a devastating fire from a cigarette that was not properly extinguished. Our team was the first to respond and met with the adjuster to determine scope of work. The fire damaged several rooms which needed to be gutted and rebuilt. We also cleaned and stored all of the contents for the church until their items were ready to be packed back.

Sewage Water Backup

This home had a backup of sewage water that caused extensive damage. The contaminated materials such as flooring and carpet were removed and excess moisture was dried. Our team worked diligently and quickly to restore the bathroom to normal conditions so that the family could return to their everyday lives. 

Desiccant Dehumidifier

SERVPRO of Edmonds is ready for any commercial or large loss with our Desiccant Dehumidifier. This specialty equipment is able to remove the humid air and replace it with hot dry air and is often used for schools, hospitals, long term care facilities and other large commercial properties.

Welcome to our Warehouse

It is important to our customers that we take good care of the items we process and clean from their homes. We provide full packing and moving services with secured and heated storage at our Lynnwood warehouse.

Welcome to Our Office!

We are located at 19327 21st Ave West Lynnwood, WA 98036. Our team is available for commercial and residential emergency response 24/7 365 days a year, we make disasters "Like it never even happened."